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As a grass roots youth based organisation working with young people on a daily basis, we recognise the importance of performance arts and ‘urban music’ as a form of expression. We work with young people, voluntary sector organisations and brands to build authentic relationships and marketing campaigns that address social issues and contribute towards positive change.


Urban music and youth culture has grown tremendously in mainstream media over the past decade. With the rise in social media and technology, it is essential for private and public sector organisations to embrace the next generation, to minimise marginalisation and push boundaries in the form of creative collaborations that are beneficial both commercially and socially. Jamrock Media is developing the next generation by ‘Remixing Education’ and preparing them for the digital revolution by partnering with innovative brands who shift the culture.


Luton currently lacks dedicated youth arts and media programmes that support hard to reach individuals at risk of criminal activity. We work with these young people to help improve their quality of life, while simultaneously helping organisations improve their online presence.

Digital Engagement 

Our team of influencers, content producers, consultants and marketers will help improve your digital engagement, helping your business or organisation grow.

  • Youth Led Market Research
  • Strategic Planning & Consultancy
  • Creative Concepts 
  • Content Creation & Direction
  • Cross Platform Storytelling
  • Paid Social Ads
  • Media Partnerships

For more information on our marketing services please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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